Lanah Koelle is a jazz vocalist known for her swinging sensibility, warm stage presence, and eclectic song selections. A regular performer at Mr. Henry’s on Capitol Hill, she has appeared at venues around the DC metro area since 2013. While her voice evokes the timbre of Peggy Lee and Kay Starr, it’s a sound all her own. Lanah’s sets frequently bring together her love of jazz standards, Vegas swinger tunes, and 60s rock and pop, with influences from Carmen McRae to Keely Smith to the Doors. 

Lanah’s album Straight Up Sassafras (2018) offers interpretations of Cole Porter, Fats Waller, and more. Recorded at Backstreet Studios, the album features musicians Wayne Wilentz, David Jernigan, and Keith Butler, Jr. Listen on any online music platform.

Want to contact Lanah? Please use the form below.

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